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Malware City

We're not sure of the latitude or longitude of Malware City, but we imagine that it's located adjacent to Sin City and Cape Fear. This BitDefender-owned site is a great resource for malware information, packaged in a digestible film-noir style. Read the news, check the current malware threat level, or consult the virus map-just don't leave unprotected.

Here's where you get Window Washer, the application that can clean up your hard-drive and desktop tracks so no one knows just what you've been doing all day. There's also a place to enter URLs so you can surf anonymously for free. And here's a chilling link: Click on the words "You don't have to tell us, we already know all about YOU" and you get a free analysis of your Internet connection's privacy (or lack thereof).
Current information security industry events and discoveries, product information, tips and technical papers. Also offers The Security Digest, a weekly email newsletter that covers breaking news in the information security world. ICSA Labs sets standards, performs research, tracks and measures risks, and certifies 98 percent of the market's anti-virus software, network firewalls, intrusion detection, cryptography, and IPSec products.

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