GIFT For A Greener Tomorrow

Trees are inspirational, unique gifts conveying hope, generosity and growth. Plant and dedicate trees to people you'd like to greet or honor.

  • Greet with trees on birthdays, weddings and festivals
  • Honour a new born or the memory of a loved one
  • Celebrate milestones, honour achievement.
 Greet with trees on this New Year
What better way to honour someone or celebrate an occasion than by gifting a tree? A living and breathing gift that lives for several decades and significantly benefits the planet. An inspiration for others to do the same. We will carry your greetings via an e-certificate to the person you are honouring to let them know about your noble gesture. 

  • Trees filter our air and keep it fresh by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.
  • Tree roots stabilize the soil and prevent erosion.
  • Trees improve water quality by slowing and filtering rain water as well as protect aquifers and watersheds.
  • Trees are carbon sinks, accumulating carbon as they grow and acting as stable carbon stores upon maturity.
  • Three-quarters of the world's people rely on wood as their main source of energy.
  • Thousand of things are made from trees such as furniture, books, newspapers, houses, hockey sticks, guitars, pencils, fences, milk cartons, even nail polish and toothpaste.
  • Trees lower air temperature and induce rainfall by evaporating water from their leaves.
  • Trees provide food, shade and shelter to humans and wildlife.
  • Trees offer protection from the downward fall of rain, sleet and hail as well as reduce storm run-off and the possibility of flooding.
  • Trees act as sound barriers to reduce noise pollution.
  • Trees play a major role in helping to conserve the intensity of the Earth's magnetic field.
  • Trees beautify the landscape.
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